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Southern Valve and Service is available to take care of all your instrumentation, valve, and controls needs.  We have extensive backgrounds in the design, installation, implementation, and commissioning of your process equipment.  Understanding a specific instrument can only take you so far into determining best practices on your process.  You must understand the process dynamics behind all of the components operating as a system.  The measurement instruments, control components, and the final control element all play a vital part in assuring your plant is operating at it’s very best.  Understanding process dynamics and how they affect the control system all affect a processes operation.  With today’s labor and energy costs, many times our service pays for itself in weeks or months not years.  Let our team of control experts help to assure your process is operating at maximum efficiency. 


Some of our services include but are not limited to:

  • Control System Design, Programming, Tuning, and Calibration

  • Field Instrument Wiring, Calibration, Programming & Startup & Troubleshooting

  • Level Controls Installation, Service, and Setup

  • Automated Valve Wiring, Calibration, Programming & Troubleshooting

  • Electric Actuator Programming, Installation and Maintenance Service

  • Maintenance Contracts for any of the above services at discounted rates

  • Flow Instrument Calibration, Verification, and 3rd Party Testing

  • Analytical Calibration and Maintenance Services

  • Boiler & Process Burner Optimization, Troubleshooting, and Tuning

  • Flame Safeguard & Combustion Control System Retrofits, Controls Upgrades

  • Consultation Services

Need Assistance?

Our dedicated Valve Specialists are always happy to help.

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